Female Asylum Seekers; Battered & Helpless

A successful asylum seeker by law is someone who is unable or unwilling to return to her country for a well-founded fear of persecution, where the authorities or agents of authorities are unable or unwilling to protect her against such persecution. The government must be unable or unwilling to protect.

In this respect, a battered woman who has been subject to continuous abuse of a spouse may be eligible to seek asylum, especially when government encourages such abuse in order to systematically suppress women.

Example: The underlying cultural background in some third world countries, legitimizes & validates the character & acts of a male dominant husband, who indeed and by psychiatric text book definition suffers from Somatic Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  The husband batters his spouse psychologically, mentally, verbally & sexually, but the wife is mandated to submit through government established rules; here wife can apply for asylum, because government has failed to protect.  For further information contact an experienced immigration counsel.

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