More on Treaty Trader (E2) Visas

When a foreign businessman decides to operate a business in the US, if otherwise eligible, he could apply for an E2 visa.

In an E2 visa, because applicant is required to be the controlling supervisor/director or manager of the business operation, he may be required to have some relevant educational or operational background to ensure the success of the US business.

The amount of the capital, applicant must spend is unclear, the rule however, calls for “substantial amount of investment”. Substantial amount may be defined in relations to the type of business. For example, to purchase & run a small suburban sandwich store in Southern California, the “substantial amount” is different than purchasing & operating a down town New York city development project.

E2 Visas are complex & require close attentions to business details, contact an experienced lawyer to learn more.

This is an immigration blog. It is not intended to be used as legal advise.
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